Our Car Vacuum Cleaner Kit is a brilliant set of vaccum nipples designed for every part of your car. They can be used on every vaccum cleaner, whether domestic or in a car wash or gas station. You will be able to clean the upholstery, air conditioning grille, seats, mats, dashboard, car roof and floors, hinges, car boot… Take it with you everywhere and get your car nice and tidy when and wherever you need to. This kit consists of: LARGE BRUSH: with soft white fibres, does not scratch any surface. Vacuum the dashboard, grilles, mirrors, roof, plastic and rigid areas with light effort. SMALL BRUSH: more precise brush for smaller areas and the interior of the car with regulable inclination. FLAT NIPPLE: 12 cm surface, will vaccum your car in less time; specially designed for mats, floor and car boot. Note: this product is not manufactored by Full Dip. SLOT NIPPLE: reach the smallest and hidden corners with this special nipple. Clean the gaps between the doors and seats, ventilation slots… UNIVERSAL ADAPTER: Universal connections for all vacuum cleaners, domestic as well as professional.



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