Full Dip liquid vinyl car kit is specially designed for you to paint your car. This pack consists of:

  • 2 Full Dip Yellow Buckets.
  • 1 Electric Turbien Paint Sprayer.

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Our COMPACT KIT LIQUID VINYL YELLOW is specially designed for full car. Final results are extraordinary, even if you are inexperienced. An underlayer is not necessary, sice Full Dip contains solid pigments, resulting in a complete, full coverage. We recommend applying an underlay colour when the top coat colour is uneven.

How to use Full Dip Liquid Vinyl 4L Buckets:

  • Shake well before use, or use a stick.
  • Apply several layers of liquid vinyl, let sit and dry 10-30 minutes between layers. Drying time will vary depending on the temperature.
  • Apply at least 4 layers.
  • Full drying takes around 24 hours.
  • Not only does it change the colour of your car, but also protects it.

Full Dip Liquid Vinyl 4L Bucket Main Features:

  • Full Dip 4litre buckets are ready to use. You will need a paint gun in order to apply it correctly.
  • Once it dries, it Full Dip Liquid Vinyl turns into a tough, elastic and durable coating.
  • Easy to peel off.
  • Washable with most kinds of cleansers, water-resistant, dirt-resistant, high-pressure water cleanable.
  • No cracking or self-peeling over the years.
  • Colours and protects at the same time.
  • Our product is the European Plastidip, with much more

Technical Information:

  1. Don’t expose aerosols to temperaturas above 50ºC. Avoid extremely low or high temperatures when applying the product. Optimal temperature among 5ºC and 35ºC.
  2. Wait at least 10 minutes between layers.
  3. Aprox 1h of drying per layer (approx. 0.2 mm).
  4. Durability between 1 and 3 years, depending on weather conditions and other factors.
  5. Full Dip Liquid Vinyl Matte black will give your car a matte finish. Add Gloss Reforcer Full Dip Brillo to your kit for a glossy effect.


Choose your favourite colour and get your DIY Full Dip Tyre Pack ! Have a look to our tutor


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